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Brian Kilde

Lead Pastor

Brian Kilde

Brian Kilde has been married to Mandie since September 1995. They have 2 children: Skylar and Starlena. Brian originally came on staff with Compass Church in August 2005 to lead the children’s ministry, and he stepped into an associate role in May 2007. As of Fall, 2013 he accepted the Lead Pastor position. He continues to grow and learn as he pursues a relationship with Jesus and helping others to do the same. He believes that his personal calling is to help people know God, know themselves, and know how to live for God through the power of the Holy Spirit and the daily application of God’s Word. In Brian’s spare time you can find him having a date night with his wife, spending time with his kids, playing poker, riding his bike or longboard, reading comic books, or playing games on his phone.

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Paul Crawford

Associate Pastor

On June 4th, 2004 Paul married Rebekah. Their son Bradley was born in November of 05, and their daughter Samantha was born in September of 09. Paul’s ministry responsibilities include:  developing a youth community and caring for adult leaders within the church. When Paul finds a spare moment he enjoys hunting, fishing, taking walks with his family, and playing the guitar.

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Annie Banceu

Hospitality Pastor

Annie Banceu has been married to Bruno since 1998. They have three children, Max, Cado & Noel. Annie has served in various ministries for the past decade and earned a Bachelors from Multnomah University in 2009.

Annie’s desire is to grow closer in her relationship with God, herself and others. She seeks to lead people into that same closeness with their loving Creator. Annie’s responsibilities will include being on the speaking team, discipling and caring for those on our Guest Care teams and her Missional Community: Fostering Hope. Annie’s excited about coffee, psychology, journalling and reading.

Kendra Bizeau

Compass Kids Director

Kendra-websiteKendra Bizeau has three kids: a son, Levi, and twin girls, Harper and Sydney, with her high school sweetheart, Luke, whom she married in 2002. Kendra loves being around children and was an elementary teacher before staying home with her kids. Kendra loves to read or go on hikes with her family and challenges anyone to beat her at FRIENDS trivia.

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