Change 4 Dollars

The Vision…

Change For Dollars (C4D) is about joining Jesus in meeting tangible needs in our ongoing relationships where we live, work and play. It’s an opportunity for both individuals and the collective of Compass to bless an individual in a highly relational, dignified way.

The Process….

Relational Discovery- You discover a need (Medical bill, car repair, groceries, electricity bill, etc) in the life of a someone you have an ongoing relationship with ( Friend, co-worker, neighbor, team mate, etc…)  that they can’t meet on their own.

Community Support- You communicate the need with the C4D team through the nomination process. The team will work with you to discern in what ways we’re able to help in the situation. (*** Note: When nominating someone for the C4D gift please don’t mention it to the person who will receive the gift. I.E.- ” My church has this great program thing called C4D, you’d be a great candidate.” The process works best when the recipient is surprised by the C4D gift and unaware they’ve been nominated.***)

  • How are you connected with Compass?
  • How do you know the person you are nominating and discovered the help they need?
  • Explain the situation; detailing the financial need.
  • Are there other needs (non-financial) you know of that Compass could help with?


Gospel Stories- If the person you’ve nominated is chosen to receive the C4D gift we ask you to do the following to help us tell the story…

  • Take  the gift collected and receive coaching on how to deliver it to the person in a way that respects their dignity and reflects Jesus. This is a gift given through relationship with no expectations  placed on the recipient of how they spend the gift. No strings, no paperwork, no pressure or shame.
  • Briefly share your experience with the C4D gift with the Compass community on a Sunday morning.


Sunday Collection-  The opportunity to give towards the C4D gift is available during each Sunday gathering. Look for the C4D buckets located in the back foyer.

Our Hope…

The hope behind the C4D experience is that we’d be changed in process of partnering with where God is already at work in the lives of those around us. Joining God in this way helps us be Good News so that we might get the invite to share Good News.

For more info about the C4D initiative or to nominate someone, please contact