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These environments create a safe place for us to imitate the way of Jesus together when we are intentional about it. Each community is centered around a common mission to incarnate the Gospel in a specific neighborhood or demographic in Vancouver.

Communities are small enough to have a common mission together but large enough to do something about it. They are relational environments of around 15-50 people that work together for three things:

  • to grow UP in our relationship with God and understand our identity in Him.
  • to grow closer together IN relationships with each other.
  • to go OUT together with God’s love into our city.


This way of living out community together is a new venture for Compass and we’re excited to be piloting this approach. We’re looking forward to learning in fresh ways what it more fully looks like to be both a scattered and gathered church as we invite people to discover God.

Each community will have a unique identity and rhythm for doing things and will be a part of the larger Compass community when we all come together for our Sunday Gatherings.

  • Accountability: communities are made up of smaller accountability groups where we are encouraged to follow Jesus in authentic relationships.
  • Leadership: communities are always led by at least two people who are accountable to being a part of a leadership huddle.
  • Vision: the vision and direction of the community primarily comes from the leaders with the input of those involved.

For help with finding a community in which to participate, contact Paul Crawford;


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