Welcome Team

Compass Welcome Team: Inviting people to discover God with hospitality.

We believe that welcoming people into our church community on Sunday mornings helps people know they are welcome in the Kingdom of God. If you’d like to be a part of the Welcome Team, contact us here.

Prayer Team

These volunteers are available during communion or after the gathering to pray individually with you. If you have a prayer request, please share with us here. We will gladly lift up your concerns to God! Share with us here.

Coffee & Snack Team

These volunteers brew delicious coffee for our guests, and the Snack team donates delicious homemade goodies and tasty store brought treats! Contact us here.

Greeting Team

These volunteers welcome everyone into our worship gathering at the door with beautiful smiles and friendly handshakes. They also provide help with seating and receiving the morning offering. Contact us here.

Safety Team

These volunteers keep an eye on what’s happening outside the building and compassionately insure that all guests are in a safe space to worship and serve God. They often escort our children’s ministry to the classroom area during our worship gathering. We gratefully call them our “sheepdogs”. Contact us here.